Bucharest 2015 - Programme

The commitment of social partners to tackle social exclusion within the labour market

Focus on tackling problems of migrant workers from inside and outside the EU

1 and 2 October 2015 - Bucharest

In the EZA newsletter n°2/2015 there was an interesting contribution about the International Platform of Co-operation and Migration (IPCM) that was focusing on the elements we want to develop during our next seminar.

Although we believe that an open and big economy like we have in the EU can create a lot of jobs, we also see that the differences between the social security systems, the wages and the labour market legislation in the different EU countries put a large pressure on the development of the same labour market.
And there is extra pressure from the workforce entering the EU from outside.

More and more policymakers want us to believe that migrants are the problem, and not the way we structured our economy and produced legislation. Fear for disaster is not a good foundation for a healthy policy.

During the seminar we will listen to the multiple experiences and a lot of good practices of Platforms, Unions, Research Institutes and midfield organizations. There will also be time and space for debate.

Organised by Euromf vzw
Supported financially by the European Union

Download the invitation and the programme:

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